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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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The following Ahflin account of the creation of the world is taken ["from the sixth
volume of the Journal of the Bengal Asiatic Society. The original, in the Ihom char-
acter, is given on plate VI of that volume, but is so incorrect that a satisfactory repro-
duction is impossible, A transliteration and translation by Major P. Jenkins is given on
pp. 980 and ff. of the same volume, on which the following is based.
The extract is interesting, but possesses many points of difficulty, some of which I
have failed to elucidate in a manner satisfactory to myself. The order of the words is
quite abnormal—the subject frequently coming at the end of the sentence.
[Na 8J
FAMILY,                     TAI GROUP.
Pin-nang         ji-mu           ran-ko        tail       pha     pai   mi    din.
Be-thus    beginning-time   confused   bottom    heaven   not    be  earth.
Pai   mi     lup-din     'mung       shii  taii.
Not  l)e  island-land   land (?)   or  below-
Lai-chan     kup-kup    mai    tim    miing       te-jau.
Many-fold  layer-layer tree   fill   country   establish-wcts.
Tang-ka   khrung   pha     phraii   pai-mi   nang  hit    cbau.
All-all      frost    sky      any     not-be     sit     do   master.
5,       Khak-khai           thiin      jin-kun.
Division"division   jungle  gwet-qwet (/).
K&ng-to       ai-mufi (muy)-         dai-oi-n|               te-jau.
(?) Collect       vapour-frost     possess-feed-forest  establish-was,
Khan (for Maw)-to     jaii       kau           lak           pin      pha.
Word-only        filament  spider   transform   become  God.
Na       ring            ba-chu-mung            ti      pun        te-jau.
Thick thousand fathom-league-country place world establish-was.
TQn-lun            ju       mu    poi       ju      ban.
Jfterwards-after remain time again  remain day.
10,        Pha-ko      tak-ba          ro       ml      khrai.
God     consider-say   know become Brahma.
Bau    ro    phri-dau   phan,   man   haii      pin-dai.
Not'know god-dew   order   him    give become-possess.
KhiS(khen)    klang      ran         nang         phrung.
Memafa     wdMe m-the-air lifa-what a-honey-comb.
Pu           nan   tang-k$ miing      rSm.
O^accomt-qf that   all-all   country confused.
Phrau   pai   nang   hit    chlng,
Anyone not   -fiZ*    do umbrella.